01 April 2013


Its been a while, and there is a reason.  I have been working on creating a new blog - mainly because I no longer liked the name of this one and I am about to embark on a massive journey that I want to be able to record and feel a brand new shiny blog is the way to do it!  I want to be able to post a lot more often and be more creative on the new blog and can't wait to learn more and experiment.  I'd love if you'd care to check out the new one and follow me over there (or whichever form of social network takes your fancy - I'll link them down below)

Anyway, this has been fun but I plan on taking the new blog to a lot higher level in every way!  Just wanted to say thank you to any followers or anyone that has sent me opportunities over the past year or so.

Rogue Sundays is officially up and running! Check it out!

Kisses xx

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