16 July 2011

i've always wanted to do that spell

hi all

first off, saw harry potter at the midnight screening on wed/thurs (yes, i am one of those hp nerds).  totally lived up to my expectations, a few things i would have changed, but still, very well done.  what made it even more exciting were these hp 3D glasses!

And check out this nail polish, its Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry O.P.I collection, i know its not a great pic to show it off, but after a few coats, it like your nails are holographic, awesome!

13 July 2011

yesterday, continued.

Ended up did taking some actual photos, i realise sepia means you cant see colour, but i figured you'd already got a taste of it in the previous post.

 this was a test shot, the shutters on my camera havent been working too great, but i actually think it creates a really cool photo

11 July 2011


so apologies for the short hiatus, i have been away at the snow the past week and was determined not to use the internet, i was successful.  i will carry on with the photo challenge shortly but in the mean time here is a quick outfit post.  i was lazy and just took some snaps on my good ol' friend photobooth, as my camera wasnt at hand.

wearing glassons oversized jumper, glassons studded flannel shirt and umbra suspender tights

01 July 2011

Day 8

Ok, definitely makes it onto my list of funniest moments in life, i'll share the photo and then explain.

So this is my friend. We were at the lake one day and to get there, you walk over some massive sand dunes, literally looks like a desert. So the guys decided to have a race to the top, after completion, this one above decided it'd be fun to roll all the way back down. So he started rolling and began to pick up speed (bear in mind this particular dune was maybe 15 meters high) and ended up flying in the air and face-planted in the sand. Luckily there were about 3 of us who watched the entire thing and i had my phone handy for evidence. Seriously even just typing this i can't help but crack up laughing, one of those things you just had to be there for. His facial expression was so confused just like above and see the line of sand coming from his mouth? Dribble. Thats just how fast he was going.


Day 7

Day 7 and 8 are combined, blogger and my computer were not agreeing yesterday so here we are

My favourite thing at the moment would have to be my neeew mac lipstick. The colour is Morange and its a perfectly bright glossy orange, that stays on forever and smells great too, what more could you want!

Apologies for terrible photo and lighting, my camera cord wasnt working sooo, photobooth it was.

Day 8 post will be on later in the day :)