31 May 2011

art blog

unfortunately no new photos today, its been freezing lately so ive been all rugged up in thermals while doing crazy amounts of assignments. im going to be setting up an art blog, but was wondering if i should incorporate it with this one or create a completely new blog for it?  what would u guys prefer? x

19 May 2011

04 May 2011

Petrol stains

wearing: purple docs, cheap monday jeans, dangerfield bag, grey knit from sydney and white top from dotti

after taking these pics i then went to put petrol in my car and it spilt all over me, what a great day this is turning out to be.

02 May 2011

kitty on my head

yes im slack and i apologise but i have many things going on right now

anyway my bday is this week so went shopping with momma and here is a wee preview of what im getting

the last one in the shop too, so excited, cant wait to wear it plus it is super warm