31 March 2011


click here for my tumblr - just remembered i have this which is really good if i dont have time for a full on blog post, i'll start updating it more regularly again

sorry just a short post today with no new pics, had a lot going on lately, hopefully have more exciting things next week as i have only 5 more days of uni (!!) until a 3 week break, cannot wait!

18 March 2011


I flew to sydney last week for my cousins wedding, which was stunning, and whilst there had to do a wee shop

Airport entertainment

this swimsuit was only $20

 I also delved into Ikea and got a few bits and bobs like this lamp

And here is an outfit post, wore this last night making the rounds on st paddy's  (i did have green ribbon in my hair at some point)

dress - little asian store in syd, docs - ebay and bone hairtie - markets
Happy st paddy's day and night everyone!

09 March 2011


Here is my first outfit post! Pretty casual, just what i wore to uni today. Hope you like it!


top - Jeanswest, dress - dollhouse, cardi - temt, bag - warehouse, necklace - diva and chucks - westcity shoes