01 April 2013


Its been a while, and there is a reason.  I have been working on creating a new blog - mainly because I no longer liked the name of this one and I am about to embark on a massive journey that I want to be able to record and feel a brand new shiny blog is the way to do it!  I want to be able to post a lot more often and be more creative on the new blog and can't wait to learn more and experiment.  I'd love if you'd care to check out the new one and follow me over there (or whichever form of social network takes your fancy - I'll link them down below)

Anyway, this has been fun but I plan on taking the new blog to a lot higher level in every way!  Just wanted to say thank you to any followers or anyone that has sent me opportunities over the past year or so.

Rogue Sundays is officially up and running! Check it out!

Kisses xx

24 September 2012


I absolutely adore my Macbook Pro, it is perfect in every way.  But I also love my smartphone, its just like a pocket sized computer/camera/phone/gamestation all in one!  It also makes social networking a whole lot easier and allows on-the-go updates.  What more could you want?

Recent instagram pics

Just thought i'd link you my twitter, tumblr and instagram for you to follow if ya like what you see...

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21 September 2012

dirty mirror

'Ello guvnah. Breathed in a little UK air today (my shoes from the last post arrived).  Was great and can't wait to breathe it for real in 18 months.  Anyway, super excited about the jellies, they are super comfy and way cute. My first official pair of jellies!  My feet were always too narrow when i was little..  

Wearing Asos lace dress, Shellshock daisy chain & Juju Babe heeled Jellies from Mr Shoes

Outfit from the other day before hair cut. Wearing Glassons flannel shirt, Glassons floral dress & Minx brogues.

Lastly, i'll leave you with a drawing i did whilst quiet at work this week.

And i really should clean the make up off my mirror...

16 September 2012


So i dyed my hair ombre, except it hasnt quite turned out as light as I wanted.  I think the girl put too much toner in.  And I hate the cut - its got layers, which i didn't want.  So am not going to post a pic until i am happy with the final product.

Anyway, i'll leave you with a pic of these:

I ordered these last night from Mr Shoe in the UK, they should be here by Friday and I cannot wait!

12 September 2012

Young Republic

I got a lovely email from Marianne at Young Republic the other day and am very impressed with the site.  It has a great easy to use format and is really well designed - one thing I really struggle with when online shopping!  They feature over 600 independent designers, all very unique and special.  One of my favourites is Pinclove from Australia.  They have a flair for flattering cuts in very sweet patterns and colours, adding subtle twists to classic pieces.

Here are some of my favourite picks from the website:

"skeletons No 4" by German designer Bon Matin 

"Neon Galaxy Jar Set" by US designer Limb Trim 

"Sterling Silver baby kiss" necklace by Argenton Design from Australia 

"Floral button front skirt" by Pinclove

Everyone should check it out, there are some very cute designs following all the latest trends. x

20 August 2012

new old

new necklace. new eye makeup. new old hair. 

27 June 2012


I am in looove with these candle holders from Venucci 
(white please)